PhD Supervision

I am interesed to supervise the following PhD topics:

  • Timing assurance of CPU-GPU hetergeneous platform;
  • Task scheduling and assurance of autonomous driving systems;
  • Inteference and contention analysis of multi-cores;
  • Multi-agent systems scheduling, management and coordination;
  • Scheduling of ROS 2 (Robot Operating System).

Current PhD students:

  • Zou Jie, Resource Efficient Real-Time Scheduling for Autonomous Driving Systems, co-supervised (2019-)

Please be aware that, by the university policy, I am only able to co-supervise PhD students with a primary supervisor in place who is a permanent university staff (with title Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader/Processor). Please do submit PhD applications to the primary supervisor but include me if you want my co-surpervision. I am happy to give more information on request.

MSc Research Projects

  • Zhijian Wang, Priority Assignment Algorithms in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems with Shared Resources (2021)
  • Zixun Yu, Smart Intersection Control with Back-Pressure Algorithms, co-supervised (2021)

Undergraduate Final Year Projects

Projects available:

  • Simulating and improving the scheduling in Time-Sensitive Networks
  • Large scale scheduling of Time-Sensitive Networks
  • Time-aware geo-fencing for mobile robots

Previous students:

  • Dean Kenny (2021)
  • Jay Brooks, co-supervised (2021)